Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking in Matala - Crete

Nordic-Walking is a fitness movement that has its supporters but its despisers as well.
Perhaps not entirely unfounded watching all the groups walking “nordic”  through the city parks.
Without question is the use of the entire body a positive aspect. Not to mention the help of the sticks for elderly or physically challenged people who like to do sport.

However, the Nordic sports are less destined for city parks. The basic idea is the use of the entire body and the supporting arm strength in uneven ground
or in persistent hikes at long distances.

The natural conditions in southern Crete: dirt roads, hills, cliffs, gorges, beaches are ideal to use the Nordic-walking-sticks for what they were designed for:
namely to move around in terrain with going, running, hopping, jumping.
Certainly you can use them as safety giving hiking poles as well.
Just try it once!

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