in the fairy tale forest


Tour Description

Our shady summer hike to the top of the Chondhradha (Χονδράδα), an about 1100 m high elevation below the Timos Stavros, the peak of the Psiloritis.
We walk through a seemingly enchanted stone oak forest above the village Lochria. Between beautiful moss covered trees with small clearings in their midst which makes you always expect to find a goblin or a forest elf behind the next tree.

After a hike of 2.5 hours we reach the peak of the Chondhradha with a fantastic view over the whole island of Crete.

The finale of this enchanting excursion takes place in a quaint Kafenion in Kamares.

Medium heavy hike of approx. 4 1/2 hours duration (with trip and rest 7 - 8 hours)
required:  step stability, firm footwear, condition
children:   Suitable for teenagers over 14 years.
recommended:  long trousers, walking poles
Please think for drinking water, food and a shadowy head cover!

Transfer organization with a small bus; maximum group size 15 persons.


Points of Intrests



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